My Hurricane!

So I know a guy who works for the environmental services department in a children’s hospital down in Florida. For those of you who don’t know what that is, environmental services is the department that’s responsible for cleaning the rooms and the medical instruments and so on.

This guy—who’s in his 50s—has been doing this job for several years now, but even just after a few months working there when he first started, he quickly developed a reputation in the hospital.

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On Plastic Surgery

Saw a post today on plastic surgery, and it reminded me of some thoughts I’ve had recently about the topic.

Korean women and men who have undergone plastic surgery have become the butt of many jokes. We’ve all seen articles detailing the statistics, or the before/after pictures, or row after row of images of almost identical Korean pageant models, or the family with the attractive parents who have the not-so-attractive children. We chuckle incredulously, and we comment, “Why would anyone do that to themselves? Why can’t they just love themselves for who they are? It’s what’s on the inside that matters.”

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Pixie Dust

After Peyton’s second tooth fell out yesterday, the wife said to her, “When I was younger, the tooth fairy only gave me one dollar after my first tooth—the first tooth is special.” P inquired, “Did you write her a note?” The wife responded, “No.” Then P says, “That’s because you didn’t write her a note! I’m going to write her a note.”

This is the note she wrote:

photo 1

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