On Plastic Surgery

Saw a post today on plastic surgery, and it reminded me of some thoughts I’ve had recently about the topic.

Korean women and men who have undergone plastic surgery have become the butt of many jokes. We’ve all seen articles detailing the statistics, or the before/after pictures, or row after row of images of almost identical Korean pageant models, or the family with the attractive parents who have the not-so-attractive children. We chuckle incredulously, and we comment, “Why would anyone do that to themselves? Why can’t they just love themselves for who they are? It’s what’s on the inside that matters.”

As is often the irony, we who make such comments do not practice what we preach. Not even close. Every single one of us has ignored or treated Continue reading

Memories of Racism, Memories of Grace – My First Fight & Girls

My first schoolyard fight occurred in the 7th grade during a lunch recess. I was attending Memorial Middle School at the time. The yard itself was rather large. As you can see in the picture, it included three softball/baseball fields, a large intervening field connecting the three diamonds and a blacktop. Clearly it was impossible for teachers to keep track of all the kids, and the students knew this. So, quite often, in hidden corners and far-off tree lines, kids would engage in make-out sessions, look at porn magazines (no internet/wifi back then) and so on. This is also why my first fight was able to break out and last as long as it did. (By the way, to orient yourselves as to the point of this series of posts, it might be helpful to read at least the first half of the first entry.) Continue reading