Safety First

Safety First

One day back when my daughter was five:

PEYTON: Daddy, can you watch the dinosaurs while I go to the bathroom so Brandon doesn’t mess them up?

ME: Ok.

PEYTON: They’re going bicycling.

ME: Huh?

PEYTON: They’re wearing their helmets.

They’re actually rocks and boulders from the Animal World Big Tub of Dinosaurs.

Pixie Dust

After Peyton’s second tooth fell out yesterday, the wife said to her, “When I was younger, the tooth fairy only gave me one dollar after my first tooth—the first tooth is special.” P inquired, “Did you write her a note?” The wife responded, “No.” Then P says, “That’s because you didn’t write her a note! I’m going to write her a note.”

This is the note she wrote:

photo 1

As you can imagine, we had no idea how to attain these items in the real world, so thinking of a response that wouldn’t upset Peyton was a little Continue reading

Don’t Just Write What You Know…

Don’t just “write what you know.” Do better.

Write, firmly believing that imagination is the quintessential self/the quintessential way of “knowing” the world. This imaginative knowing has the potential to dispel barriers that isolate individuals and communities. Exercising imaginative “knowing” allows, always, for a potentially transcendent narrative, that is trans-global, trans-cultural and speaks to our common humanity.

– Jewell Parker Rhodes