Don’t Just Write What You Know…

Don’t just “write what you know.” Do better.

Write, firmly believing that imagination is the quintessential self/the quintessential way of “knowing” the world. This imaginative knowing has the potential to dispel barriers that isolate individuals and communities. Exercising imaginative “knowing” allows, always, for a potentially transcendent narrative, that is trans-global, trans-cultural and speaks to our common humanity.

– Jewell Parker Rhodes

everything is beautiful*

My daughter drew this a while ago, but it’s by far my favorite drawing. I like that she depicts herself as flying. Really captures her personality. Peyton told me the girl standing on the ground is mommy, and that she’s wearing purple because that’s mommy’s favorite color.

Every morning when I see this picture on the fridge as I leave for work, it reminds me to try to look for beauty in everything. I hope she & Brandon never lose that sense of wonder; I hope it only deepens in me.